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I wish I had known about your products sooner. Six months ago I’m suffering from “patchy” hair loss. Not only have I seen excellent results in only a few months, but I have also regained my self confidence. I would encourage any one that is suffering from alopecia or “patchy” hair loss to start as soon as possible with “Originasian”. There are many advantages to consider: product is affordable, it works, it's all 100% natural and there are absolutely no side effects.

Stanley, Singapore Polytechnic

I have a strong family history for hair loss. My father and even my mother both had hair loss problems. I am 22 years old and started losing my hair about 3 years ago. I don't want to lose my hair at such a young age like my parents. It is hard enough to get a date now let alone if I were bald. I had found your products on the internet forum ( and I decided to give it a shot. I am using O.a Step 1 & Step 2, and it is working really well. I am not losing any much hair like before and I even see healthier scalp. I'm relieved that i found your products. I am certain that O.a was a good choice for me. I will email you in 6 months to update you on my progress.

Ms Lee, Marketing Executive

Thank you for creating such an incredible product. It really does work! My hair was thinning on top in a hereditary balding pattern for five years before using your amazing product… Now, after 6 months, used about 4sets of O.a Step 1 & Step 2, my hair is much thicker and fuller than before. My stylist is very impressed with the results I'm getting and has never seen anything like it. Thanks again for selling a product that really does live up to its claims!!!

Ms Susan, Primary school Teacher

Since I started using O.a’s products, my hair has stopped falling out excessively. It has become stronger and doesn't break off. My scalp doesn't flake or itch like it did before I started with these treatments every 02 weeks. Everything has completely changed for the better. I'm very happy with the results. I am happy to recommend your natural approach to hair restoration.

Madam Ong, House-wife

I want to let everyone know who feels skeptical about trying this product out before Chemotherapy…Try Originasian, you won't regret it! I was told to expect hair loss from my Chemo but I kept 85% of my hair thanks to this treatment. I have finished my entire course of cancer fighting agents and still have my hair! When searching the internet (Channel News Asia) I came across your products, using Traditional Chinese herbs. After doing more research, I felt convinced to try it. I’m grateful to you and to this exceptional product line.

Mary Tan, Indonesian Chinese Cancer sufferer

I am a 38 year old man. I first experienced hair loss in my mid 20's. I had a noticeably thinning area on the top of my crown. I also was receding around the temples and frontal hair line. I first tried Rogaine and Propecia faithfully for 2 years but it did not help at all. Actually, my hair continued to fall during this period. It was very frustrating for me to see my hair loss get worse instead of better. Then, I switched gears. I started using OriginAsian. The results, after almost 8 months, have been astonishing. I now have maintained my head of hair and keep a normal hair fall-out from day to day. Plus, there were no negative side effects, exactly as your products promised.

Mr. Swee Peng Yong (Renovation contractor)

I will never use any other hair loss product, especially TCM products. However, I started using it about 7 months ago, and it is simply amazing. I always had fine, oily scalp and I accepted that. But, it was awful to see my falling locks clog my drain every time I would shampoo. Too much hair on my pillow case and in the brush no matter what I did or tried. Then, I was recommended your products in a hair Salon back in September. After just a few weeks of therapy with O.a Scalp Treatment Mask, I stopped shedding as much whenever I shampoo, style or brush my hair. Then, new hair that looked like peach fuzz, started to appear in the 4th month. Itchy scalp and dandruff are also no longer a part of my life!!! These products are truly remarkable.

Ms Ang Hui Ping (Accountant)

I am very pleased to report that after being on O.a for 2 solid months of treatment, I am seeing dramatic improvements. I have less oily, less odors & healthier scalp now. I am ready to re-order the O.a Cordyceps treatment. I still have a half bottle of tonic left. Any further discount? By the way, thanks for offering scalp care products that really do work!

Grace Tay, (Property Agent)

I am a high school student who suffers from serious dandruff problems. I had to wash my head 3 times per days to get rid of the dandruff’s flakes. In the event, dandruff problems were progressing to scalp infections. My mother got me your product. I have been using your products for 8 months and I can tell you that all my problems disappear! I can’t believe how effective O.a is. Many thanks to my mother. You must get the word out to other people like me. Many of us thinking that Traditional Chinese Herbs are meant only for the Old people. Tell them to try your products. It has Stops the itchy/burning feeling on my scalp naturally. They really do work.

James Sim (School student)

I had suffered from great hair loss after given birth to my second child. Found your website & I had decided to give it a try on your products. Having my O.a scalp treatment at nearby neighborhood salon. I had also purchased O.a Step1 & Step2 for home care less than 6 weeks ago. My husband was very skeptical since other remedies like Traditional Chinese herbs did not work. He really did not want me to carry on with your products, but I felt so desperate that I ordered one of your O.a Cordyceps anyway. New baby hair is already beginning to emerge in the bald spots and it has not even been 4 weeks since we started treatment. Now my husband is sorry that he was so doubtful. Your products do work! I would recommend O.a to all my friends & relatives, also to other victims of hair loss after given birth if I ever have the opportunity. Right now, I’m still using your products. Your products saved my beautiful hair and therefore lots of stress during this unwelcome period of time. Thank you O.a.

Jennifer Chua (Interior designer)

I was a victim suffering from great hair loss due to my work stress. It is believed that poor body immune system is a major that contributes to my hair loss & baldness. Then I learned that O.a Cordyceps could help reverse this particular disease by improves auto-immune system of the scalp. Built After learning that your products are all natural and safe to use, I placed an order (and then another one 4months later). I must admit that it took a long time to work. But, after almost 9 months of treatment with your products, my hair loss stopped & my hair is coming back. I am convinced that the way O.a Cordyceps boosts the immune system is the reason for its effectiveness against the Alopecia kinds of hair loss.

Ming( Singapore PR)

I am a 30 something female who has experienced from dandruff, oily & sensitive scalp for the last few years. I have tried National Skin Centre & other scalp care products out there but none of them worked. Then a friend of mine told me about O.a Scalp treatment. I found you & having my O.a scalp treatment done in 01 of the salon list from your webpage. As an unexpected bonus, the health & condition of my scalp have greatly improved. No more itch, no more dandruffs flakes. All of this in less than 3 months. I am very excited and just had to share my results with you. I think I will try the O.a Cordyceps that you recommended. Many thanks to you. I’m feeling very happy now.

Ashley Low (Shipping Clerk)

Our teenage son was a victim of Alopecia Areata. Dermatologist’s scalp injections with topical steroids did not work for him. I found your products in a Beauty hair salon at Ang Mo Kio. Hair stylist recommended O.a Cordycep to be applied to the Areata patches once or twice per day. Fast forward, 60 days later… We’re impressed! Our son’s Areata patches have started to fill in with brand new hair. His teenage confidence is back up to 100%. And his baseball caps are no longer needed day and night. Thank you, O.a , for a great product that really does work against this awful disease.

Alan (Singapore Police officer)

I am 28years old and have been experiencing hair loss for 9 months now after given birth to my 3rd baby. I am currently using O.a Step 1 & Step 2 to combat my hair loss with some pretty good results. I started using them about 3 months ago. I am amazed at how well it is working for me. My hair loss seems to have stopped and my hair looks a little thicker too.

Jess Soh Mei Ling (Model)

I had suffering from serious hair loss. But now, I have managed to maintain about 75% of my hair. O.a scalp treatment was not fast for me, in fact it was slow, but it DOES work. I wouldn't give it up yet that's for sure. I don't have any doubts at all that I wouldn't have this progress without it. I have several months of no successes with many other hair loss products out there. At least, I have finally found one that help to prevent my hair from further loss.

Darren Ho (Sales Engineer)

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