There is plenty of evidence today that shows that the main cause of dandruff is microscopic yeast that occurs naturally on everyone’s scalp. Normally, as dead skin cells are shed, they would be washed or brushed away without trace. However when these otherwise harmless skin yeasts start to increase, they irritate the scalp and trigger an inflammatory immune response. When this happens, the turnover of the scalp skin cells increases, which causes them to die more quickly, and clumps of immature sticky skin cells are formed. The skin starts to itch, peel and visible flakes develop. This is known as dandruff.

Why do yeasts start to overgrow on the scalp?

The exact reason why yeasts start to multiply on the scalp is unknown, but several factors are thought to be capable of tilting the scalp skin out of balance, such as stress, hormonal changes, puberty, excess humidity and perspiration.

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