Hair loss become very common

Hair loss become very common & the nos keep increasing. Statistic shown, 3 of 15 having hair loss problem. Our hair plays an important part in influencing the way we look. No one would like to be bald.


• Poor hygiene, poor nutrients & poor environmental. Excessive oil secretion causes clogging of hair follicles, resulting in dead scalp cells.

• Hash shampoos, Dyes, perms and straightening chemicals. This process disrupts the cuticle and can dry out hair. Thus cause of hair fall.

• Stress weakens circulation, resulting insufficient nutrition to hair follicles & finally causing dead follicles & hair fall.

• Insufficient rest & sleep causes poor circulation, insufficient supply of nutrients & weakens the hair follicles, thus causing hair fall.

• Medication or pregnancy affects the hair follicles & cause hair fall.

• Menopause/ Andropause: Change of body hormone. Baldness maybe due to generic reasons.

Therefore, it is important to understand the factors that actually cause us to suffer from hair loss.

The hair undergoes these growth periods:
1. Anagen
2. Catogen
3. Telogen

During the Anagen stage, hair will continue to grow, & the hair length is determined by this stage. The longer the Anagen stage, the longer the hair will be. At the Catogen stage, hair stops growing & begins to degenrate. Upon reaching the Telogen stage, hair will start atrophying & at the same time, the hair will enter a new growth period. Generally speaking, adults have approximately one million hair follicles, while the normal daily hair count is about 100 strands.

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