Color Chart

What you can see in THE IMAGE is what you can IMAGINE the true colour.

Herbal Hair Color Applied Herbal Natural Brown Herbal Mahogany Herbal Auburn B.O.R Herbal RED Herbal Orange
Almost true brown, but off a bit for a natural look.
Dark warm chocolate brown. Dark Reddish, not mistaken for black.
Dark brown, medium auburns and wine red perfectly blended in this great colour!
A very natural off highlighted, deep Wine red. Cross with medium brownish.
A light bright version of butterscotch blond. Orangey tones over bright light gold blond.
Before Hair Based Color
After Treatment Color
Grey / White Golden Brown Ash Chocolate Brown Medium Auburn Red Strawberry Brownish Orange Copper
Light Ash Blonde Ash Brown Medium Mahogany Medium Dark Auburn Red Brownish Red Fire Copper Brownish
Dark Blonde Medium Brown Dark Mahogany Medium Deep Auburn Dark Reddish Dark Copper Orange
Deep Blonde Medium Dark Chestnut Brown Deep Mahogany Off Black Medium Dark Auburn Highlighted Deep Reddish Off Brownish Highlighted Dark Copper Orange Highlighted
Light Brown Deep Brown Off Black Deep Mahogany Off Black Highlighted Deep Dark Auburn Highlighted Deep Reddish Highlighted Copper Dark Orange Highlighted

*Herbal Hair Color On Coverage Grey/White effects

Herbal Hair Color Applied Herbal Auburn B.O.R Herbal Brown Herbal Orange Herbal Red Herbal Mahogany
Before Hair Based Color
After Treatment Color
75% Grey / White Black Herbal Brown Coverage Golden Auburn Highlighted Herbal Orange Coverage Darker Brown Coverage Medium Brown Coverage
30% Grey / White Brown Darker Brown Coverage Dark Auburn Highlighted Herbal Orange Copper Coverage Darker Chestnut Brown Coverage Deep Brown Black Coverage

*2 x Steps process

Herbal Hair Color Applied Herbal Black Onyx
Before Hair
Based Color
After 1st & 2nd Treatment Color
After 3rd & 4th Treatment Color
After 4th & 5th Treatment Color
After 5th Onward Treatment Color
50% Grey /White Black
Off Black Onyx Highlighted
Off Black Onyx
A natural way
to colour your hair, Our herbal hair products are natural hair dyes, sourced 100% purely from plants. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, emulsifiers, synthetic colorants, PPD & Ammonia. Our product will not harm your hair & scalp.
At least 2 Steps
or more process will adds
additional depth to your natural hair color.
75% Grey / White
Off Black With 50% Grey
Off Black Onyx Highlighted
Off Black Onyx
Often applications on scalp help to control hair loss. It contains other botanical herbals, which stimulates hair follicles thus promoting hair growth & improves texture of the hair. It also prevents premature greying of hairs & dandruff.
98% Grey / White
Off Black Highlighted 75%
Off Black Highlighted 50%
Off Black Onyx Highlighted
Off Black Onyx

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