About OriginAsian

“Originasian” or “ O.a® ” is the brand for scalp & hair re-growth tonic which contains 100% traditional Chinese herbs, specially formulated for the maintaining of total well being for the scalp, as well as to remove dandruffs, oily scalp, reduces hair loss, detoxifications, promote blood circulation & hair growth etc; Our products have fully researched in study & have carefully blended these traditional herbs to bring to you what we feel is the best combination for your Scalp & hair loss problems.

We at Origin Asian Lifescience Pte Ltd, has successfully developed a series of products and technologies on Anti Hair Loss & Re-growth, Hair Care & Scalp Therapy treatment. By equipping with advanced production facilities, the product is carefully blended & produced under stringent manufacturing process, using the latest technology & packed undergone GMP standard (Good manufacturing practice).

How it works

Chinese traditional herbs has such a long historical tradition, it can certainly be trusted. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long established tradition of being used for hair re-growth which believes it triggers an increase of blood circulation to hair follicle result in the eventual hair regeneration, carries the nourishment needed for hair cell reproduction & growth. This tonic activates the scalp function by rejuvenating hypodermic cells. It nourished & total cleansed the scalp & keeps your scalp healthy & restores proper scalp function. This hair roots activator is a product which can be used by both men and women. Enriched formula contains with active pure ingredients, it unique complex formulation penetrates deep into both the hair shaft & hair follicles & stimulates the scalp. It should be used at the first sign of growth imbalance.

Natural & Healthy

Pure Oriental Herbs has long been used in TCM to improve scalp condition & promotes hair growth for more than 5,000 years. It is also well know to improve your general vitality.

No Side Effect

Since the O.a® products are made from all-natural herb extracts, O.a® are healthy and free of side effects. What’s more, O.a® have been proven to contain no toxic constituents or abnormal or mutation - inducing effects. No report of side effects so far.

Hair Professionals &
Sufferers Observation

Hair professionals or sufferers testified that after the application of O.a® products, the hair receives the needed nutrition and the blood circulation has improved. This has thus results in improved scalp condition & also a reduced incidence of hair loss.
Visible Effects after treatment - Diffuse hair loss (Gradual loss of hair over a period of time)
1. More healthier scalp & hair follicles
2. An increase in hair density & strengthening hair
3. The generation of dandruff (or Scurf) in the hair
      & itching in the scalp is alleviated.
4. Stimulates hair growth
5. Reduces hair loss up to 40%
6. Removes Oily scalp Detoxification & promotes blood circulation on scalp.
7. Removes dandruffs & improves problematic scalp.